The Danny Morris Band
The Danny Morris Band
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The Danny Morris Band
  Michael Allison - The Global Muse - 10/24/01
"Danny Morris - The Golden Prize"
Production: 5 stars
Lyric/Songwriting: 3 stars
Musicianship: 5 stars
Originality: 3 stars
Over All: 4 stars

      There is no doubt in my mind that Danny Morris is one hell of a guitar player. The music he creates is a guitar induced blues and rock style. Combining classic styles and genre influences from all over the board, Danny Morris pulls it all together nicely to create a great album. This is good time music. This album made me want to call up some friends and crack open a few beers. It has that party atmosphere to it.
      There's a nice jam element to this music that gives the impression that this album was more fun to make than anything else. My favorite song on the album gives that vine like no other. "Arthur's Boogie" is a power house guitar grooving blues rocker that simply doesn't run out of gas. The song is packed with cool riffs, licks, and tricks.
      I found the entire album a joy to listen to, and the mixture of musical styles was a nice addition. This is one album that I will most likely be listening to again in the near future.

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