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The Danny Morris Band
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The Danny Morris Band
  Surfer Stone Scruggs - MUSIC MONTHLY - 08/22/04
The Danny Morris Band - BJ's,Ocean City

    Mellow Beach on 46th Street was an institution for live music on the barrier island. It was acquired last year by developers to be razed, yet another unfortunate victim of the condo craze that's spread like a vims of gentrification through the resort town. But that's either a news article or an editorial; this is ostensibly a review. Mellow Beach is lamented for much, but as for my own reminiscence (yes, it is always about me) the September session with the great Danny Morris is the harbinger of fall, the coupe de grace of them all. That was three years ago. Not long after that. the Virginia resident guitar player (understate- ment) high tailed it on down to Florida, escaping forever (or at least until he relo- cales again, this being the Charlotte native's third relocation) these heinous mid Atlantic winters. Now with a degree from Full Sail College of engineering, he's got a license in studio tech to produce his fourth full length the right way- his. That we'll hear in a couple months, and then hope- fully he'll be back up here to promote it.
    In the meantime, we'll keep blissing out on The Golden Prize (praised in detail within these pages in the October 2KI is- sue) and the new memories from the blues and surf master, ex-Nighthawks guitarist's appearance Sunday night at BJ's On The Water- baywater, that is. Yes, the same se- rene restaurant that offers live and usually lively music most nights at nine. Thanks to owner Billy Carder for giving a great musician a refuge following the demise of his old hang. After three years, we met the new bosssame as the old boss. Still Stevie Ray Vaughan- style (and -worthy) leads and Chris Isaak-esque songs, backed by the basic bass-drums configuration that kept it real for those respected six string stars ofrockabilly/blues. Morris is still wail- ing shock and awe inducing solos over classic instros "Walk Don't Run" and "Secret Agent Man", and handling vocals as well on old haunts "Kansas City" and "Memphis". And he's doing it in three sets a night. Catch one after catching a wave in Cocoa Beach, where the trio is house band at Coconuts beach bar, in addition to holding residencies at another club or two.

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