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The Danny Morris Band
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The Danny Morris Band
  Chris Long - Brevard Live - January 2002
    Melbourne, Florida
CD Review

Although this space is usually designated for Florida music, this month I want to tell you about a great new CD from a band that's coming to town this month:

The Golden Prize
by The Danny Morris Band

      "The Golden Prize" is third solo record from former Nighthawks guitarist, Danny Morris. I'm not just trying to "make nice" when I tell you that this is truly a great record. I hate to put music into categories, but I really want to make my points crystal clear. This is rock-n-roll record, and a roots record all rolled into one. Danny's songs are great and the rhythm section of John David Coppola on bass and Joe Wells on drums makes for an amazing trio that kicks ass! For those who are hip enough to grasp this analogy, imagine Southern Culture On The Skids minus the Hillbilly "schtick."
      The record kicks off with the cool rockin' little ditty, "Twistin Kristin." Dick Dale/Ventures fans will flip over tracks like "Flight School," "Arthur's Boogie," and "Pipeline." The instrumental remakes of "I Only Have Eyes For You" and "Please, Please Me" are fresh and wonderful. My personal favorite was a rockin' number called "All I Think About." This is a fun record and they're not only a fun band, but a musicians band too.
      They're coming back to Coconuts in Cocoa Beach on January 15 and as usual practically every "band guy" in town will be flocking to see them. I'm gonna bring my Black Eyed Soul gang and the old Glitterhick crew with me 'cuz if they're half as good live as this CD, it's gonna be a great show.

       Check 'em out on the web at

Chris Long     

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